Mini GPS tracking device is the best choice for motorcycle tracking

Motorcycle anti-theft is also very important, for motorcycle owners. Because the motorcycle appearance on the market is not particularly large, the feature-rich external antenna GPS size is not suitable for motorcycle positioning. The miniature GPS tracking device is the best choice for motorcycle positioning. It has basic functions and is more affordable.


I listed the following four reasons for choosing the micro GPS tracking device YB04 for motorcycles:
First, since the voltage of the motorcycle is sometimes too large when starting the motorcycle, a large voltage support range is required when selecting the GPS, so the GPS is not burned by the voltage. Many miniature GPS tracking devices are designed for small vehicles such as motorcycles or electric vehicles. To prevent this, they will support a wider voltage range: 9-90V.
Second, the price of most motorcycles is not particularly high, and owners are not willing to configure GPS too high. At this time, the price advantage of the mini GPS was revealed. You are welcome to consult us for the price.
Third, for motorcycle monitoring, it does not require too much GPS functionality. The basic functions required for motorcycle monitoring can meet the requirements of miniature GPS.
Finally, unlike cars with many hidden corners that can accommodate GPS, the size of the motorcycle itself determines that the motorcycle does not have much room for GPS. At this time, the mini GPS tracking device is more suitable for the needs. At the same time, people who steal motorcycles find it hard to find it, but it doesn’t matter even if it is found. GPS has a tamper alarm function. As long as someone disconnects the GPS from the motorcycle, the owner will receive an alarm message at the first time, which can effectively prevent the motorcycle from being stolen.


For the motorcycle you love, from the thief, you need to have our YB04 miniature easy to hide positioning device.

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